10 Successful Facebook Marketing Examples

Is your Facebook engagement dropping?

Need some inspiration to pump up your Facebook marketing?

As the Facebook news feed continues to change, it’s important to figure out how to make the platform work for you.

In this article I’ll share Facebook pages from both large and small brands, and tips to incorporate their tactics into your Facebook marketing plan.

#1: Qatar Airways

Qatar posts a number of pictures about football, which is what their fans care about. Fans are very responsive to questions and posts on the company’s page, as well.

qatar airways facbook post

Post about things your fans care about.


Qatar also changes their cover photo often, which is a great way to promote something new.

qatar airways facbook cover image post

Change your cover photo with a new message to your fans.

Key Takeaways: Post what engages your audience and change your cover photo often.

#2: Dove

This inspiring video helped Dove get close to half a million views and thousands of likes, comments and shares. In the video they hardly mention the brand. This isn’t a commercial—they’re telling a story.

dove beauty video post

Create and share videos, since video gets more engagement on Facebook.

Dove also encourages tagging by asking their fans to tell a story about someone who means something to them. Tagging someone else in a post can also be a great way to help get the word out about a timeline contest (for more on this, see #9).

dove facebook post

Inspire your fans to tell you a story.

Key Takeaway: Post a video that will help your fans or inspire them.

#3: Oreo

Oreo continues to dominate Facebook with their delicious cookie. It’s almost too easy. Beautiful images combined with recipes and a creative use of hashtags also help.

oreo recipe facebook post

Great visuals combined with a useful recipe make for huge engagement.

The #OOTD hashtag stands for Outfit Of The Day. It’s widely used. Notice in the illustration below that Oreo isn’t hijacking the hashtag, rather participating in a fun way.

oreo hashtag facebook post

Use hashtags creatively and have some fun.

Key Takeaway: Add an image or montage that shares a tip or tells a story.

#4: Humans of New York

Humans of New York is a bit different as a brand in that it started as a photographer telling stories. It developed into a book and a movement to connect on a deeper level with individual people who live in New York.

hony facebook post

Tell stories and share photos that illustrate them on Facebook.

Each day, they share several posts that tell people’s stories, along with their image.

hony facebook post

Use stories to inspire and connect with your audience.

Key Takeaway: Tell your fans a story about your brand directly in a Facebook post.

#5: Agilent Technologies

Agilent is a B2B company that uses their Facebook page to tell where their instruments are being used. They brand their images and make them eye-catching.

agilent facebook post

Brand your images, so they grab your fans’ attention.

Agilent also connects people to the brand by sharing personal information. For example, they featured their longest-serving employee with then-and-now photos and a link to her story.

agilent facebook post

Help your audience get to know your brand by featuring your employees.

Key Takeaway: Tell a story about one of your employees.

#6: Girls Who Code

This non-profit does a great job of mixing up the posts on their Facebook page. They keep fans up to date about what’s happening with their mission.

girls who code facebook post

Keep your audience connected to news about your successes.

Girls Who Code also entertains their fans with games.

girls who code facebook post

Create a fun game and have your audience participate.

Key Takeaway: Come up with a fun game that’s related to your niche that people can play directly from a post on Facebook. For example, have them find something in an image, solve a puzzle or play a word game.

#7: Stella and Dot

Stella and Dot is a network marketing jewelry company using their page to promote their products and share information. One thing they do very well is cross-promote to their other channels, such as Instagram. When you connect to your audience on multiple channels, it improves your chances of being seen.

stella and dot facebook post

Cross-promote your posts to your other social channels.

The company also provides shareable images to inspire their audience. Quotes are a great source of inspiration.

stella and dot facebook post

Provide inspirational images and quotes for your audience to share.

Key Takeaway: Cross-post to other social sites, where your fans connect with you regularly.

#8: Neil Gaiman

While you might not consider an author a brand, these days authors are branding themselves, as well as their work. Neil Gaiman does a great job of getting personal with his audience.

neil gaiman facebook post

Use humor to show your personality.

Key Takeaway: Get personal on Facebook.

#9: Illegal Pete’s

This restaurant has a small fan base, but gets good engagement by running contests.

illegal petes facebook post

Run a contest to get higher engagement. Have your fans tag their friends in the comments.

Illegal Pete’s also connects to their fans via the Postmates app.

illegal petes facebook post

Find new ways to connect to your audience, such as with an app.

Key Takeaway: Run an engaging timeline contest and give away something small to the winners.

#10: Starbucks

With more than 37 million fans, the Starbucks Facebook page is in the top 10 brand pages.

One of the things Starbucks does right is they give people tips to help them use their products.

starbucks facebook post

Give people tips about your product.

Starbucks shows holiday-themed images that are a little different and fun.

starbucks facebook post

Catch people’s attention with unusual photos.

Key Takeaway: Create and post unusual images to catch people’s attention.

Over to You

It may be more challenging to get organic engagement on your Facebook pages these days, but it’s not impossible. Pages are still a great way to connect with your audience where they hang out.

To get more engagement, likes and shares, inspire your audience; use great graphics and video; make your information shareable, useful and fun; and cross-promote to other channels. Plus, show your personality throughout your Facebook Marketing

What do you think? How do you leverage Facebook for your business? What brand pages on Facebook do you enjoy? Which tactics work for your page? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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